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31 March 2010 @ 06:48 pm
[LAYOUT] No. 2 | Flexible Squares - Free your Soul  
My first post with this journal will be a lj layout one! Trust me, it won't be a crappy thing like the first one I made d:

This is just a general layout, no fandoms are part of it.

{Click to enlarge screencap | Here for a temporary live preview}

Type: S2 Flexible Squares


Go to Select Journal Style. Choose any Flexible Squares layout. (Just type Flexible Squares into the search box, it's quicker than just going through the categories).
Once you've done that, choose your ad placement to go between entries and choose sidebar right column.
Then go to Customise Journal Style, scroll down and click on Custom CSS.
Click "No" for all drop lists. Copy and paste the code into the blank, white box and click Save Changes.
Then voila! You can change anything you want after that. :D


Oh, one more thing. If you would like to change the header, go to this part of the code:

.headerimage {
background-image: url(YOUR URL HERE);
no-repeat top center; width: 800px; height: 360px; margin: 0 auto;

Just change the width, height and obviously, paste in your url. Oh, but if you would like to keep the header I provided, could you please upload it to your own server? (:

Remember to credit this community, and please, DO ENJOY!
Please comment if you liked it, are taking it, have a problem or would like to provide constructive criticism.
Thank you and have a nice day. ;D
Somi: K. Jonghyun / ...woahbubblysomi on April 7th, 2010 05:37 am (UTC)
Thank you~~
I'm happy you like it ^^